3DS Emulator for PC, Android and Mac

Download 3DS Emulator (e3DSx) and enjoy the latest 3DS Games on your PC, Android or Mac.

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Simple To Use

In few steps.

Our emulator is very simple to use. Just load the 3DS Rom that you want and let it take care of the rest!

No BIOS Required

No BIOS Required

From version 1.8 you no longer need to download 3DS Emulator BIOS separately. All you need is included in the package.

Free Download

Free Download

The standard version of the emulator is free. Just go to our download section and get your emulator for free!

I love this 3ds emulator! I tried several before and this one works by far the best! I usually play Pokemon X and Y with and sometimes Mario Kart 8. Everything works, recommended.

John Doe

I got this emulator while it was still in beta, and i loved it ever since. I even donated few times when i had money, this is great project and the best emulator for 3DS so far!


This is the only emu that can run Pokemon X and Y and i mostly use it to play that. It runs really smoothly on my PC, and i plan to try it out on my new Android as well. Keep it up!


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